Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning! Travel Advisory

Wondertwin is organizing a girls getaway weekend in June to Fernandina Beach. You have been warned!

If you happen to live in Fernandina Beach, or if you were thinking of visiting there, just be aware there may be a whole posse of middle aged mommies running free-range through town. We shop. We sip. We surf. We get spa treatments. We laugh too loud and act otherwise inappropriate for our ages. 

If you're traveling to the posh resort area of Amelia Island, only you take a wrong turn, you'll find the historic and funky seaside town of Fernandina Beach. Others might pick the luxury of Amelia Plantation, but me and the girls are just suckers for a quaint downtown area listed on the National Register of historic places. Plus, Fernandina Beach is home to the oldest Florida bar continuously in operation - the Palace Saloon. Beloved and I spent a great night there years ago enjoying a band made up of guys over 50 who rock playing for local college kids. It was quite entertaining. 

While Cedar Key may be all about clams, Fernandina Beach is home of the modern day shrimping industry.  Its harbor was the place where shrimp fishermen tossed aside the castnets, and launched motor propelled shrimp trawlers. 

Fort Clinch is a must-see. It's just up AIA and was occupied during the Civil War by Union Forces. Fort Clinch is a very picturesque spot nestled in a gorgeous Florida state park. My favorite plumbers, Sci Fi channel's Ghost Hunters, even filmed an episode there. 

Shopping, shrimp, saloons and spectral soldiers. Sounds good to me!

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Sandcastle Momma said...

That sounds like a really fun trip! I've never been to that area but hear it's beautiful.