Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soccer Mom of the Year

"You've got to talk me down off this soccer mom ledge!" 

It was the Voice of Reason calling and she didn't sound good. Seems her morning started with her daughter's ride to the soccer field bailing on her. Then they were running late. Next, her daughter couldn't find her soccer shoes. VOR hurriedly drops her daughter off with the coach and runs to the closest sporting goods store where she buys 3 pairs of soccer cleats in different sizes, not sure which size would fit. 

"Now I'm calling you as I'm racing down the highway trying to make it to the soccer field with the cleats in time or else the team will have to forfeit! I think I'm going over the edge!"

Soccer can do that. I know. Stepdaughter has been playing soccer since she was 4. Competitive soccer will make a normal family crazy. And will push a sane mom like my friend VOR inches away from Destination Nervous Breakdown.  

"I hope you got the right color soccer cleats." I said with an evil laugh.

"Very funny. If she even opens her mouth about the style of the soccer cleats, so help me god! I haven't even brushed my hair. I'm a mess."

"Don't worry, it's gonna rain on you anyway so no one will notice that your hair is not brushed."

VOR arrived in time. One of the pairs of soccer cleats actually fit. Her daughter wisely decided not to comment on the style or color choice. However, after a two hour rain delay (told you it would rain) the team lost. But VOR can now rightfully claim the Soccer Mom of the Year Award.


Floridacracker said...

Yes she earned it and Yes, soccer can and will do that to you.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Been there-done that.Glad it isn't me,anymore.My days of that "stuff"
(I soo wanted to say something else,but I kept it clean)are over!