Monday, June 1, 2009

What I learned on my Girl Scout trip

I survived the girl scout trip. There should be a special badge for moms like me who made it through 5 years of selling cookies, sewing on patches (you mean I could have used fabric glue?!? thanks for the tip ladies), providing snack and chaperoning trips. Of course, my job was easy as I wasn't the troop leader. 

We enjoyed 2 days in Savannah where girl scouts can be observed in their natural habitat. Savannah is the birthplace of Juliet Gordon Lowe, the founder of girl scouts. So it is considered girl scout mecca. 

We did a ghost tour, walked for miles, took the trolley tour, swam in the hotel pool, shopped, and dined at Paula Deen's restaurant (where we hurt ourselves the home cookin' was so damned good). Along the way we had a flip flop blowout, a few bellyaches, but mostly laughs. The girls were very well behaved and how proud were the 6 moms on this trip to hear time and time again how "polite" and "well behaved" our troop was. Bonus!

Thanks girl scouts for all the fun, the camaraderie, the cookies, the lessons learned, the cookies, the camping trips, the service projects, the cookies and of course, the cookies. 

P.S. Who knew they still made candy cigarettes?


ChrisC and JonJ said...

I can remember going to Savannah when I was a Girl Scout.My mother must've felt the same as you,but I thought it was a blast.You have made memories.
And Paula Deen's wasn't there then,darn!

Native Mom said...

It was a blast and yes, making memories is worth every minute of the years of sewing, selling and shuffling kids around.

Ghislaine said...

Hahah girl scouts.. I remember on my girl scout trip when i was younger our tire blew out and we were in quite a stick mess so for anyone who is going on a road trip soon here is a video that could help in case you have to change your tire