Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I did on the first day of summer

My First Day of Summer by NativeMom

I couldn't believe it was finally here! The first day of summer. While the summer solstice might mark the official first day of summer, for me summer begins when school ends.

It was the first day of summer break from school. I slept 15 minutes later than usual (oh yeah!). I worked in my home office surrounded by the sounds of summer fun - every TV in the house was playing, kids were running up and down the stairs like a pack of mules, and there was the familiar splish splash and ear-shattering squeals coming from the patio where MiniMe and favorite stepdaughter were swimming. 

But it wasn't just the sounds of summer I welcomed. There were the smells of summer: the piquant scent of burnt microwave popcorn; the musty smell of wet towels strewn across the house; the delightful scent of some sort of chocolate chip cookie like substance emanating from my kitchen.

But the sights of summer, now that is something to cherish! The whimsical trail of chocolate goo spread across every kitchen surface. The modern-art like sculpture of every cup in the house half full of soda placed precariously on every stick of furniture. The puddles of pool water shimmering gently at every entrance of the house. Glitter, construction paper and open paint jars littering the dining room table. 

I decided a treat for me, the hard-working yet fun-loving NativeMom that I am, was in order to mark this first day of summer. So I signed up for the wine club membership at the nearest wine bar and package store. Now I can relax and drink in all this summer fun!

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