Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grandmas are Great!

Lately MiniMe has been obsessed with coloring her hair a different color. And when I say "a different color" I don't mean brunette. She wants red highlights in her naturally white-blonde hair. My response to this request last week went something like this. . .


"But mom, why not?"

Absolutely not. You are not going to color your hair. You're 10 years old. There's plenty of time to color your hair when you get to be a teenager.

"Please mom! Just highlights"

No, highlights are also hair color.

"But I just want a few highlights. Please!?!"

Why do you want to color your hair?

"I hate my hair color!"

But you have blonde hair, beautiful blonde hair. The kind of color many people spend lots of money and hours at the salon to get.

"I want red highlights."

WHAT!!????!!! RED?!!! NO WAY! Absolutely not!

"Why, Mom?"

Because bright red highlights in your hair will look like Bozo the Clown threw up all over you!

"Mom, that's gross! Can't I just - "

NO! End of discussion. You're 10 years old. When you turn 16 you can mess up your hair by cutting it, shaving it or coloring it. But for now, you're stuck with what you've got.


So to get around my denial of highlights, MiniMe talked her grandmother into assisting her with this hair color scheme. She got her grandmother to buy her rainbow colored clip-on hair extensions. Oh well, at least it's not permanent.


Cam said...

Yes, and the redhead (also with the color many people spend untold hours and $ in salons trying to achieve) wants to be blonde or have blonde highlights. It's the old curly vs. straight thing.

Nicolezmomma said...

When my 14 year old blond daughter came down the stairs one day with black hair, I just about had a heart attack. She'd bought hair color with her friend at the Grocery Store.

She had a good cry (and so did I), because I said I wouldn't pay to undo it. So she decided she liked it, and we've gone through two years of different hair color. She went back to blond before Christmas. Thank God!