Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First kiss

So mom, how old were you when you had your first kiss? Minime asked me this morning on our drive to school. Now she could catch a bus to school every morning but I kind of like our drive to school and our drive home from school because oddly that's when Minime is her most talkative. That's when we have our best mommy-daughter conversations. In the morning she seems to be contemplating the day that is to come - her friends, her school work, the boys in her class, the recess time and what she'll have for lunch. So she's more open to talking about all that stuff.

On the ride home, she's full of interesting tidbits about her day. What happened with her friends, the funny conversations and situations between her and her friends that day, what the cute boy in class did that day and the usual other elementary school stuff.

But this was a question I wasn't expecting. My first kiss? Did I even remember? Well kinda.

"Well, I think I was about 13." I answered after a long pause.

Who was it, Mom? Who did you have your first kiss with?

Hmmm. Now that's a tough one. I remember who it was, just not his name. I'm bad with names.

"Well, it was the cousin of one of my friends. He was visiting and my friend told me he kinda liked me." I said. "But I don't remember his name. I just remember it was embarrassing."

Chuckles from Minime.

"Sooooo. . ." I ask. "Who was your first kiss?"

A horrified look crosses MiniMe's face. "Mooooommmm!!!!!!!! Hurmpf!"

What, I say feining innocence. You haven't had your first kiss yet?

"Nooooo!! Ewww!! Mommmmm!" from MiniMe.

I guess I'm not such a bad parent after all. My 10 year old has managed to make it almost all the way through elementary school without being kissed. Good for me (and her!)


Anonymous said...

What?! Did you say he was your COUSIN??!!

Dani said...

Ack! I don't wanna even think about my girl kissin'!