Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vegetarian Lite

I rented a documentary this weekend I'd been wanting to see, Food Inc. I transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle about a year and half ago, and while I don't push it on others, I did start watching the documentary on Saturday while everyone else was home. So of course, MiniMe came in and plopped down to watch TV with me for a while.

I tried to explain to her what the documentary was about, which is the the affect of factory farming on our society and health and the control of the nation's food supply by a handful of multinational companies. This is not one of those shock-value PETA type movies. There aren't any video/photos of animals being tortured, just a real look at the machine that feeds America. 

After only about 20 minutes, MiniMe says "Ewww, I think I may have to become a vegetarian."

To which I reply, "Well, that's a choice everyone has to decide for themselves."

"I could live on macaroni and cheese I think," she says a few minutes later.

Finally, she gets tired of watching the documentary and heads to the kitchen. I hear the fridge open and the sounds of lunch being made. 

"What are you eating MiniMe?" I ask from the living room.

"Lunch" she replies.

"What are you eating for lunch" I ask.

"A sandwich"

"A vegetarian sandwich?" I inquire.

"Kind of," she replies.

"What does that mean?"

"A sandwich with only two pieces of ham on it."

I guess that's her version of vegetarian lite? In one ear and out the other I guess.


Anonymous said...

She mentioned it again at dinner tonight, and had no meat from the huge buffet--mac & cheese was a go, though. Maybe it's sinking in more than it seemed.

Dani said...

I went this way too a few years ago. A little rough at first, but now we have a gazillion cookbooks and it's become fun to try out different recipes.

Native Mom said...

Cam: Thanks for taking MiniMe someplace where there was a macaroni & cheese options!

Dani: please pass along some of your favorite recipes, I'd love to have them! said...

I want to watch that movie!