Monday, December 21, 2009

Mother's Hall of Shame

So I was reminded this afternoon that I won't ever be inducted into the Mother's Hall of Fame. I'm probably a much better candidate for the Mother's Hall of Shame. Here's why.

I get an e-mail from a very creative friend. She has designed little ready-to-print gift tags that say "To Kevin, Love Santa" with a picture of Santa and the tag written in "Santa's handwriting."

She blasted a copy of the tag out to all her friends offering to create tags with their children's names on them for all of us lucky parents to use as we wrap our holiday gifts. We simply had to e-mail her back with the list of our children's names.

Now that is a VERY generous offer and the tag really is adorable. I'm sure any child would love to have a gift addressed specifically to him/her from Santa under the tree this year.


The e-mail might as well have read as follows.

Dear (slacker mom):

Merry Christmas! I have finished all the shopping, baking & shipping and hand crafted ornaments for the tree. As I sip my chamomile tea, relaxing in my artfully decorated home, with my beautiful, smart, well-behaved children sleeping snugly in their beds, I am anxiously awaiting the glorious Christmas morning that is to come in just a few short days. While I'm baking dozens of homemade gingerbread men for all my friends and family tomorrow, I'd be happy to create one-of-a-kind gift tags for all your children. Simply send me your list and I'll whip up these artistic tags so that you too can experience the joy of seeing your little darling's face light up as he or she opens her gift delivered straight from Santa on Christmas morning.

She found the time to design personalized Santa gift tags?!?!? (By the way, this UberMom works and has two children). Up until this moment, I was proud of the fact that I'd actually spelled all my kids' names correctly on the sticky, cheapo, store-bought tags on their hastily wrapped gifts. Heck, let's be honest, I was actually kinda proud of the fact that with 4 more days to go until Christmas, I've gotten every one's gifts bought, wrapped, and placed under the tree. I even managed to ship all the gifts to family without having to resort to taking a loan to cover overnight shipping costs.

Yes, I was feeling kinda proud of myself. Until Miss Handmade Children's Gift Tag had to remind me that I'm really just a slacker mom


Julia Harpston said...


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Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm still laughing - and so glad I'm not the only one who would have read that email the way you did LOL
My gifts are wrapped but it's quite possible that the tags are wrong and the boys will be getting bath gel and the girl will get cap guns. Happens every year.

Island Rider said...

You mean you are supposed to put tags on them? I forgot to tag mine. I have to guess and hope I get them to the right people.

Anonymous said...

Well, as one slacker Mom to another--it is the 21st and I am still wrapping, and probably won't finish tonight, either. AND the last bit of stuff just went on the tree tonight, and I gave up on lights on the outside of the house this year. Does a wreath on the front door count?

Dani said...

Bahahaha! It's nice to be in such good company over here. ;)

Gruvy Mom said...

She should be taken out behind the shed and shot. Oh... wait...

:) CT