Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pose-Able Thumbs

Yesterday, I observed MiniMe talking to the dog. She was holding up a gift bag in front of him and teasing him about something. 

"You see Scout," she was saying. "I can pick this up and you can't! That's right, because I have pose-able thumbs and you don't! See, pose-able thumbs. And pose-able fingers, too," she continued wiggling her fingers in the dog's face. He did not seem impressed in the least. 

I stepped in to correct her. 

"Actually, MiniMe, it's opposable thumb. Not pose-able. OPposable. It's called opposable because it is able to move opposite of the fingers."

Just then a loud SNORTT sound came from the dog. I think he was laughing at MiniMe's linguistic mix-up. 

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