Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things you don't see everyday

What a fantastic weekend! Finally a weekend with no rain and no hurricane potentially bearing down on us. What a relief.

I got to enjoy the outdoors on Saturday by motorcycle. And just when I thought I'd seen everything, I wandered across this.

It's a little hard to see because I had to get Beloved to take a photo with the cell phone, but this is a surfboard strapped to a motorcycle. For real. Now is this guy a Florida biker or what? I'm not quite sure how he rides with a surfboard strapped onto his bike. We saw this at an event called "The Redneck Games" in New Smyrna Beach. We didn't intend to end up at the Redneck Games. It just happened.

Other unusual sights at the Redneck Games included a Daisy Duke contest, a Mullet contest (the haircut not the fish), Redneck Horseshoes, which involved tossing toilet seats around spikes in the ground, and my favorite, Port-O-Let Fishing. Ewww, right? Actually, instead of trying to catch something out of the port-o-let, this event had people throwing real frozen fish into open port-o-lets with the goal being to "sink" the fish in the toilet. Who thinks of this stuff?

I was actually part of "one of those things you don't see everyday" this weekend. I took part in a ladies-only motorcycle ride Saturday morning. There were nine ladies and we rode to DeLand for lunch. We caused quite a stir. Fellow motorists slowed and gave a thumbs up as they came alongside our group. Patrons in the restaurant parking lot stopped to stare and take pictures as 9 lady bikers came roaring in. One elderly fellow actually exclaimed as he got out of his Buick in the handicapped parking space "Now that's something I've never seen. I've never seen a group of bikers and all of them ladies!"

You just never know what you'll see along the backroads of Florida.


Floridacracker said...

I've ridden a bicycle with a surfboard tucked under my arm,(not much fun over the bridge of lions with a stiff seabreeze) but I've never seen a bike carry one.
Sounds like a cool day!

Island Rider said...

Too funny. I ride on the back of my husband's bike. I've used up all my nine lives on the horse.