Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Social Calendars

Ahhh, it's shaping up to be another busy year of one spectacular social event after another. At least for my kids. My social life is mostly non-existent.

But MiniMe, oh my, she's one young lady in demand. She has two, count them two, birthday parties to attend this weekend. One of which is at the indoor playground place (bless you mom of birthday child who chose this event location!!!), which means I can drop her off, leave and when I pick her up later, she'll be tuckered out. Kool! I love the kind of birthday parties where parents don't have to stay. For the cost of a present, you get a couple of hours of free time. Kinda like babysitting, but much more fun for my daughter.

The other party, I'm a little confused about. It's supposed to be a sleepover. This Friday night. The birthday girl's mom called and left a message that MiniMe was invited. But, and here's where it gets confusing, no printed invitation was sent home before or after the call, which I'm now referring to as a "mystery message."

I have confirmed that A. My daughter knows the "alleged" birthday girl and 2. That other kids have been invited to the party and are planning to attend. I called the mystery mom back and left a message saying MiniMe could attend, but that I needed information on time and place (ie directions to your home would be nice). Haven't heard back. Haven't gotten a note sent home. Nada, nothing, squat! And it's now 48 hours until the "alleged" birthday party.

Perhaps this birthday girl is some sort of celebrity and, as such, providing too much advanced notice on the time and location of the party would attract swarms of paparazzi. Or maybe her mom is in witness protection. I don't know, but it's getting a little irritating having to hunt this woman down for information on this alleged party. Who do I look like, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes?

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