Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Generation Gap

Dropped in on my 89-years-young Mammaw this week. You might think the older generation is a little out of touch when it comes to today’s technology and the use of it in our daily lives. Well, would you believe she found a new way to share information on the Internet? Let me explain.

My Mammaw reads my blog every week (Which is why it’s so PG). She reads it from my mom’s computer (mom lives next door, has a computer, and Internet access. Well if you can call dial-up having Internet access). So she and my mother are checking in on a regular basis, reading NativeMom (did I mention that I keep things PG), and Mammaw is really enjoying it. So much so, that she wants to share it with her sisters in Texas. Only her sisters don’t have Internet access. Or computers for that matter.

So she and my mom print out all of my blog posts, using up an entire ink cartridge and possibly killing a tree in the process. She then mails the printed copies to her sisters. That’s right, by snail mail.

Now at the start of this blog post I said that Mammaw had found a new way to share information ON the Internet, not WITH the Internet.

Generation Gap be damned! Ooops, I mean darned!

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Floridacracker said...

I have relatives who read mine too, so the pg filter is on here also... plus occasionally one of my students visits.