Friday, September 12, 2008

Text to Tattle

This weekend when the Tampa Bay Bucs host their home opener, they're giving their guests a chance to use their cell phone to tattle on the obnoxious, unruly or overbevereged guest next to them. All in the name of keeping the peace. The St. Pete Times reports that this year guests can send a text message from their stadium seat to alert stadium security of a problem. In the past, guests have had to leave their seat to report that the yahoo in front of them was drunkenly swearing like a sailor or bordering on amateur wrestling in confrontation with the other team's fan.

With professional teams losing their family audience due to high ticket prices and the economy, I think this new tool in keeping the fan experience a positive one is great. In fact, I'd like to see it used in other places. Wouldn't it be great if . . .

The person in front of you in the bank drive-thru must be attempting to take out a loan they're taking so long. TEXT!

The movie you've just paid $9 to see starts and 6 teens sit down in the row behind you, talk loudly, kick your chair and proceed to chat on their cell phones. TEXT!

You're in line at the register of a retail establishment when the person in front of you starts spouting off very rudely and loudly on the teenage customer service employee behind the counter for no good reason. TEXT!

You're attempting to merge on I-95 during the morning rush. The car in front of you, instead of getting up to speed to merge safely with oncoming traffic, slows to a stop like they're waiting for the light to change. TEXT!

Hmmm. Those cell phone bills might actually be worth it.


The Troll said...

Actually those are all MORE annoying to me than unruly Bucs fans.

NativeMom said...