Thursday, July 29, 2010

We don't need no stinkin' summer camp!

Today is the last day of summer camp for MiniMe. It is a theater/drama camp and she has loved every single minute of it. Perfect for my little Drama Queen. Over the years, I've signed MiniMe up for at least a dozen different little summer camps. There was dance camp. Art camp. Photography camp. Art camp again. Dance camp again. Swimming & recreation.

My local paper has run at least one story each week about what kids are doing this summer at camp. Today's story was about a Leadership Camp at the YMCA. Plenty of educational, enriching and fun things for kids to do around here.

Which got me thinking ... how come I didn't get to do a fun summer camp growing up? So I asked Mimi.

"We didn't need summer camps for kids back then. Being home was summer camp."

That's me at "summer camp at home" in 1980. At least MiniMe has actual human friends at summer camp.


Sayre said...

Don't discount frogs as companions - there might be a future prince out there somewhere! Imagination was the key to great summers when I was a kid. Now it's more like schedules.

Anonymous said...

Summer camp was spending time with my grandmother everyday! Until my teen years when summer was spent riding bikes from dawn to dusk, only to "check in" long enough to get funds for Dairy Queen!! Wouldn't have change anyting!!! Thanks Grandma for all the cooking lessions! Hope Honey appreciates them now! From Charming Cousin's Girlfriend.....

sissy said...

You went to horse camp! I remember that frog, he was supposed to be dinner. You brought him home from RC & Genevas in GA.