Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Future Bike Week Babe

My route to and from MiniMe's elementary school takes me right through the heart of Bike Week activities. There's just no way to avoid it. And so there's no way for MiniMe to avoid seeing some things that can be a little hard for this NativeMom to explain to a fifth grader. Although, she's seen it all for several years now and has gotten over the icky factor a little, and I've gotten over my uncomfortableness at explaining things like girls in g-strings on the back of motorcycles.

This week, MiniMe sees a couple of young ladies in bathing suits standing in front of one of the bars we pass in our travels. They are holding signs and inviting bikers in for a "bike wash."

"Mom, what are those girls doing?"

They are washing people's motorcycles. Kind of like a car wash to raise money.

"How do you get that job?"

(Hmmm, I never thought of that) Well, I guess you go to the bar and put in an application before Bike Week.

"Why would the girls want to wash people's motorcycles?"

Well, they make a lot of money since the bikers pay them and give them tips. Maybe you and your friend Thing 1 could work Bike Week in about 10 or 15 years to help you earn money for college (or the downpayment on your first house).

"We'd get a lot of money? How much?"

A few hundred dollars a day, maybe more.

"Really? But would we have to let bikers drink beer out of our belly buttons?"

Honey, you never have to let anyone drink anything out of your belly button, no matter how much money they offer you.

Blog Update: From the comments I realize a disclaimer is needed. MiniMe did not see the "drinking from the belly button" at one of Mommie's parties. Whew! She unfortunately saw this demonstration on Beach Street last bike week, which doesn't even have a bar!


Anonymous said...

"Where did she get the belly button idea? Hope she hasn't been listening to one of Mommy's funny college stories!"

Cindi Brownfield said...

When my kids were little, we were at a stoplight and TJ said, "look mom, that lady's wearing blue paint." Yep, blue paint. Nothing else. How do ya explain that to an 8-year-old?!

Gruvy Mom said...

Just further proof that life lessons can be taught and learned at any moment.

Suwannee Refugee said...

Great questions! I wouldn't have even thought to ask such provocative questions.

Floridacracker said...

... and belly buttons don't hold much beer anyway.

Cam said...

OMG! You are in SO much trouble when this one gets older--with mine right there with her! LOL

Native Mom said...

Gruvy Mom, you said a mouthful. Teachable moment indeed!

Cindi, gives a whole new meaning to finger painting!

Suwanee, I know I was kinda stumped?!

Florida Cracker, how would you know?

Cam, I think we're already in trouble.

annabelle said...

okay- thats really funny!

Ugogrl said...

I've had the go 'round with boys & Bike Week for the past 16 years. Now I'm experiencing it with little girls. Funny how Mama Bear's instincts feel SO very different between the two! Either way, BW is always an opportunity to teach!