Monday, October 19, 2009

Native Mom Recommends . . .

MiniMe and I enjoyed ourselves immensely this past Sunday when we took the Kim Possible Mission at Epcot. All I can say is, great job Disney! You've got a real winner with this activity and I can see sooooo much entertainment possibility with this. The Kim Possible Mission is not a ride. It's not a show. It's completely interactive. It's the wave of Theme Park future! It worked like this.

We checked in at a Kim Possible command center. They swiped our park admission ticket and we were given a ticket with a scheduled time and place to report for our "mission," which in our case was Norway in about 30 minutes. When we got to Norway, we received our Kim Possible Kommunicator, which looks like a clunky cell phone. 

Once we activated our Kommunicator, the screen ran a animated video that gave us directions and clues. We had to travel around the park looking for "clues" and when we found them, we pushed a button on the Kommunicator and it activated something - like making wind chimes spin in Japan or making a fountain turn on in China. 

MiniMe and I got a huge kick out of looking for the clues and seeing what would happen when we pushed our Kommunicator button. Along the way, we ran across other families, kids and even adults playing the Kim Possible game with their tell-tale Kommunicators. 

There are 5 different missions in 5 different countries in Epcot. Each mission takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It doesn't cost anything extra to participate.

You learn a little about the country on the way, you get some excercise, you learn to work together as a team and see things you might not have noticed before as you do your search.

It was really great. We had a blast. Great job Epcot Magic Makers!!! We'll definitely be back!

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Sandcastle Momma said...

That sounds like so much fun. I'd do it even without my kids LOL