Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Cool! Oops, no I'm not.

For reasons that would take too long to explain, MiniMe was out of school on Monday and I ended up having to drag her along with me for the day. I had to teach my college class and film an interview with a camera crew for a client, so off we went together.

First stop, college class where my students were presenting their final projects. The projects involved developing a public relations plan and campaign for an assigned client. The students did a good job and had some very creative ideas. MiniMe was warned to sit quietly throughout the class, which she did much to my amazement.

On the ride to my next stop, MiniMe had lots of questions about what she'd just seen in my college class.

MiniMe: "So, Mom, is that what public relations is?"

NativeMom: Yes, the students were presenting their PR plans. Public relations is what Mommy does for a living. It's not all just talking on the phone and typing on my computer.

MiniMe: "Really, that's cool. Maybe I won't be a photographer. Maybe I'll do public relations."

MiniMe decided last week that she wanted to be a photographer. I can't recall what led to this decision. Prior to last week, she had wanted to be a mountain climber, a cheerleader, and an artist.

NativeMom: Well, you know I work with photographers in my job. You could do both.

So we arrive at the next stop where I park MiniMe with the executive secretary of the businesswoman I'm there to film the interview with. I've set her up with markers, paper, a snack and a book to keep her busy and out of everyone's hair.

After the interview, I find her sitting with the executive secretary, Miss Esther, surrounded by stuffed animals and deeply engaged in conversation. Seems Miss Esther took a liking to MiniMe and has been actively entertaining her. I would be embarrassed but I quickly realize that to this kindly grandma, engaging with a very verbal and curious 9-year-old girl is much preferable to typing memos.

On the ride back, I get an earful from a very excited and obviously impressed MiniMe.

MiniMe: "Mom, Miss Esther has a pet sitting business!!!! Look, she even gave me one of her business cards (card thrust in front of my face while I'm driving) I think I'm going to be a pet sitter when I grow up Miss Esther says I can even start pet sitting in our neighborhood now Can you make me some business cards this week I'm going to pass them around the neighborhood Don't you think that's a good idea This is going to be cool!!!!"

NativeMom: Really? She has a side job pet sitting?

MiniMe: "Yea and she even got to pet sit a horse A real horse Wouldn't that be cool? And some birds She got to pet sit birds AND a horse And she pet sits people's dogs and cats Pet sitting is cool I'm going to be a pet sitter!!!"

Well, I guess public relations is now out. There go my dreams of my daughter taking over the family business. I was cool for about 20 minutes. Thanks a lot Miss Esther with your fancy business cards and horse tales.

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Island Rider said...

Well, it is obvious from Miss Esther's day job that Mini Me could be a photographer and public relations person during the week and a pet sitter on the weekends. And isn't multitasking and juggling lots of balls what you are really modeling for her?