Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny things observed at the pump

Now that gas is back down to around $2 a gallon (never thought I'd see that again in my lifetime, did you?), the pumps were swamped yesterday when I pulled in to fill up my gas hog truck. And before anyone gets all self-righteous and scolds me for driving a gas hog, I have kids, dogs and a camping trailer I regularly haul around and you can't do that with a Ford Focus.

Sorry, guess I'm a little defensive today.

Where was I? Oh yea, so after circling the gas pumps a few times, a spot finally opens up. Next to me pulls in two teenage girls in a cute little green VW bug. They both hop out and proceed to chat while filling the gas tank.

I had a flashback to 1985 when my best friend Lliba and I would cruise around in her VW bug. Only the gas gauge didn't work, so we ran out of gas more than a few times. Two blonde 16-year-old cheerleaders in a ragtag VW bug with a broken gas gauge, and each time we ran out of gas, we seemed perplexed as to why that had happened. Duh?

So I recognize these two young ladies as members of my son's high school swim team. They both did very well in competition this year and in fact, one of these young ladies is headed to the state competition this week. The driver is filling the tank when all of a sudden her friend points out that instead of filling her tank with regular, she's actually using the premium. The driver immediately stops filling her tank and much chatter ensues in alarming tones. The driver then whips out her cell phone and proceeds to call Dad to find out what to do now that she's started filling her tank "with the wrong gas."

It was all I could do not to get involved and assure these two blonde high school athletes that although they didn't mean to use the premium pump, they had done no harm to their car. But, then what kind of story would they and their parents have to tell years later about the time the girls had to call Dad from the gas station because they'd accidentally used the wrong gas.

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Floridacracker said...

Too funny. I could see my daughter doing that!