Thursday, October 2, 2008

Haunted Florida Month - Spooky Hill

Is it real or are your eyes playing tricks on you. The town of Lake Wales is famous for its popular, and free, tourist attraction – Spook Hill.
Spook Hill is located on North Lake Wales Drive, adjacent to Spook Hill Elementary School (mascot is Casper the Ghost).

Park your car on the white line painted at the bottom of the hill. Put your car in neutral, and hold on as your car rolls slowly backward, uphill.

Is it a ghost at the wheel or is it an optical illusion? Legend suggests that the ghost of Spook Hill is the spirit of a giant alligator that terrorized an Indian village before the Chief finally killed the beast in an epic battle.

Scientists say Spook Hill is a gravity hill and an optical illusion.

You decide. Watch the amateur video of Spook Hill at work.

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