Wednesday, October 22, 2008

40 is the new 20

I got a call from my sister this week. She was calling me from the aisle of her local party store where she was purchasing supplies for the birthday party she was throwing for her husband this weekend. He's turning 40.

"Is 40 'Over the Hill'? I'm at the party store and they've got all this great 'Over the Hill' stuff. 40 is 'Over the Hill', right?"

Hmmmm. You know you're asking the wrong person. You do remember that I'm 40 right?

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm asking you. You were 'Over the Hill' for your party last year right?"

Ummmm. I wouldn't exactly agree with that. I think 50 is closer to being 'Over the Hill' than 40. I'm not 'Over the Hill.'

"Yeah, but they've got all this great, funny 'Over the Hill' stuff. Didn't you have some of that at your birthday last year?"

Well, considering that my husband is still alive, the answer would be no. You know, you're only a couple of years from 40 yourself.

"No, it's a while away for me. But I guess when I turn 40 I'll be 'Over the Hill.' I'm gonna get some of this stuff, it will be great!"

Ummmm. You know, everyone you've invited to this party, with the exception of my kids, will be over age 40. You'll be the only one who's not. So, I'm thinking you might want to wait until he's 50 to proclaim him 'Over the Hill.'

"But 40 is old."

No 40 is the new 20. Just wait for your birthday . . .


Island Rider said...

50 is not over the hill either. ;0)Just wait, the next decade will fly by.

Floridacracker said...

It sure did!
Fly by that is.

Apparently 50 is over the hill, because my classroom was decked out in the stuff last January.

NativeMom said...

It's so easy for those younger to imagine they'll be young forever. Not that I'm not young anymore. No, my definition of young has just changed with the times.

Native Mom said...

hey minie me here: 40 is old haha just kidding love u mom!