Friday, August 22, 2008

Wine and Bananas!

It's official. After four days of being cooped up at home waiting for Fay to go away, Beloved has finally lost it! I'm kinda used to the insanity that sets in after too much time spent at home with kids. But for Beloved to spend 4 days at home with not just MiniMe, but some neighborhood kids, too, he's a man on the edge. I finally had to send him out into the rain to drive around and find his reality checkpoint. He left muttering with the veins popping out on his forehead.

Of course, it didn't help that I got to spend most of the day away from the Nuthouse, I mean Home, at the Power of the Purse luncheon. When 700 ladies will brave the elements in high heeled shoes to attend a charity event, you know the storm's getting to people. But the Power of the Purse team was ready. I had no sooner walked through the door than a very nice cocktail waitress handed me something pink and bubbly in a champagne flute. Bonus!

There were quite a few interesting silent auction items available this year. But the one that drew the most attention was called "Snip, Snip." That's right, it was a gift certificate for a vasectomy. I wondered across this little auction gem on my hunt for an item that included Botox. I overheard several ladies say they thought about bidding on the Snip Snip item but that it would be too embarrassing. Like getting pregnant in our 40s wouldn't be? Lucky for him, Beloved already made the cut.

I attended Power of the Purse with Wondertwin who almost made me pee myself when she pointed out the ladies at the table near us sponsored by the local cosmetic surgeon. They all had big lips and no expression! Apparently you can get too much of a good thing (re:Botox and Restalyne).

I returned home to an excited MiniMe who had "made something for me" while I was gone. She rushed inside and presented me with a salad she made me for lunch. It was lettuce, cucumber and banana. Of course I expressed much appreciation and told her the salad would have to chill until dinner because I'd just eaten (and I wasn't craving banana on my salad greens since I wasn't pregnant in my 40s - yea!). She'd also clipped some of the border grass from the lawn and made a flower arrangement for me. Pretty! Beloved shared that he'd caught her earlier trying to open a bottle of wine to go with the salad she was making me for lunch. Now does my girl love me or what!

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