Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School Mom Award

The "Back to School" Mom award this year goes to Lliba. She sent me photos of her two boys waiting to board the bus with the other kids in the neighborhood on the first day of school and they are priceless. I just had to share!

Looks like her youngest just wasn't ready for summer to end so soon! She says this was his way of protesting the first day of school, which I found Hilarious with a capital "H!"

I still have the photo of her kids visiting Santa this year on my fridge. The youngest is screaming and crying and the look on Santa's face is highly entertaining. Other moms might not have paid for the "screaming tot in Santa's lap" photo and asked for a do-over, but not Lliba. She's got a really wicked sense of humor that I just love. She knew the screaming tot photo would be a keeper! It's one of those photos that will just have to be pulled out to show to any potential girlfriends when he's a teen. Bonus!

But back to the Mom Award (cue sweeping background music). Lliba gets the Mom Award for several reasons. First, she actually took a photo of her kids on the first day of school (which I didn't do), even though it wasn't a milestone year like the first day of kindergarten or first grade. Second, the photo was wickedly funny. Third, she took the time to send the photo to all her friends. And finally, she survived the first day of school with her sanity in tact and managed to entertain me at the same time.

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