Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raising a Marketing Whiz

Since she uttered her first word my daughter has been negotiating. While it drives me crazy when she starts trying to negotiate with me over everyday things such as eating her dinner, doing chores or taking her bath, I've always said that with her propensity for negotiating and always angling to make a deal with everyone, she's going to be a marketing prodigy.

I work in public relations, advertising and marketing, so I can spot a talent for the business. This morning she reached a new milestone in her marketing prodigy. Now remember, she's 9.

As I sat sipping my coffee and going over the paper, she and her friend were upstairs in her room playing and listening to music. I noticed that their "play" had turned into running a radio station where they were selecting songs, introducing the songs "announcer style" and planning their playlists. I did the same thing as a child only I had a radio and a tape recorder the size of a breadbox as my instruments of imagination, not an IPod and Karaoke machine.

Then all of a sudden the music stopped and I hear my little Mini-Me say to her friend "We only have 100 people listening to our station today. That's the same number as yesterday. What can we do to get more people to listen to our station?"

Um, I don't know her friends says.

"Well, right now, teenagers are listening to our station, right?"

Uh, yea. I guess.

"So if we got more kids to listen to our station then the parents would listen and the grandparents would listen so that would mean more people were listening to our station."


The music switches to a Miley Cyrus song and I hear Mini-Me say in an announcer voice, "Right now we're gonna play a little Juice Box for all our young listeners out there. Enjoy!"

At the age of 9 she's working toward building a more expansive demographic and increased audience size for her imaginary radio station? At this rate, I'm going to end up working for her one day.

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