Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to School Shopping Scars

My Baby Daddy (ex husband and father of my daughter) is an editor at the local newspaper and recently reached out for assistance on a Back To School article he was writing. He was looking for a family who wouldn't mind a reporter tagging along when they did their back to school shopping and asked if I'd e-mail my friends and contacts soliciting a victim, er family, for their article.

I sent a blast e-mail out and got a few private responses from friends who didn't think chronicling their back to school shopping for the (local) world to see would be such a good idea. But the best response came from VOR (my friend who I refer to as my Voice of Reason).

"Oh, yeah.... I can see it now.... the camera zooms in on my face just as my patience is running thin when my 13 year old daughter, who is barricaded in a dressing room and trying on what must be the 50th outfit of the day, exclaims for everyone within a 5 dept. range that, OMG Mom!! No one would EVER wear this to school! OMG!!! After 5 hours of serious shopping (after all school shopping HAS to be done all in one day, there's a rule) her blood sugar level is dropping almost as fast as my money is disappearing out of my wallet. Oh yes, that would be one of our finest hours...."

I actually stopped by the mall yesterday while my daughter was away visiting my parents for a few days to pick up a few items of clothing for my 9-year-old Mini-Me. At this age, she doesn't give me too hard a time about clothing and let's me choose most of it, which apparently will stop when she turns 13, according to VOR.

As I was checking out, a woman about my age with three daughters between the ages of 6 and 12 came into the store. The girls all began judging the clothes, what was cool, what was not and what they wouldn't be caught dead in. Of course, I noticed nothing on the "sale" rack was deemed suitable for dress by the living. As they left the store, the salesgirl said to me "Not a good idea to bring the girls with you shopping. They never want the least expensive or most practical items."

"Why do you think I left my daughter at home?" I replied.

"You're smart." said the salesgirl as she rang up my purchase for items picked exclusively from the sales rack.

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