Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Florida's most dangerous jobs

When you think about dangerous jobs, you automatically think about firemen, police officers, and roofers in the summertime heat. But what about environmental consultants? Sounds fairly harmless, right?

Yesterday an environmental consultant was chomped by an 11 foot alligator in Silver Springs, Ocala. I guess a job monitoring the flow of water in a Florida spring is only dangerous if it happens to be inhabited by a humongous alligator. Luckily, it was just a flesh wound (shout out to Monty Python fans!) and the guy was okay. The alligator was caught and euthanized.

Think ticket sales for the glass bottom boat rides at Silver Springs will be through the roof today?


The Florida Blogger said...

By chomped, you mean he bit the dust? Yikes! I always have a healthy respect for those gators.

Brian said...

I was at Hillsborough River State Park once and walked within 10 feet of the biggest alligator I've ever seen. I'll bet if was more than 12 feet. It's a good thing I was about 10 feet above where the gator lay basking in the sun and the bank was enough of a deterrent. I'll be paying more attention at HRSP in the future.