Friday, July 27, 2012

My Home is Mine . . . Again

I embarked on what would prove to be one of my most challenging endeavors thus far in my adulthood a few months ago. Skydiving? No. Marathon? No. Learning a different language? No.

I refinanced my home.

This process challenged me on every level. I had to be organized to provide the mountain of paperwork requested. I had to track down documents I wasn't even sure existed (my detective skills are now finely honed). I had to conform to all the rules and policies. Stay within the lines and jump through all the hoops. I had to stay patient. I had to be positive, professional and not kill anyone. This last one proved to be the most challenging of all.

I'm now convinced that loan officers and underwriters are more evil than terrorists. At least I feel like I've been interrogated and survived cruel and unusual punishment. We need to add refinancing to the acts covered under the Geneva Convention. In fact, at some point in the process, I started referring to the underwriter as an undertaker.

After 3 months of good behavior under torturous conditions, I finally snapped and rebelled. I started saying "No!" to requests for yet more information that actually duplicated what they already had. In one of my last acts of defiance, I sent the undertaker the info they requested in a file named "UnderWriterIsAnIdiot.pdf."

After 3 long months, I finally closed on the loan last night. Then drank a well deserved bottle . . .er .  .. glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

I can personally attest to how long and difficult this process was. Florida Native Mom kept her composure so much longer, especially in the penultimate month when she was being a rock for someone else, she deserved the bottle of wine last night!

Gay Iraheta said...

Even though it took you 3 months before your house could get refinanced, you did manage to get the work done! Some people get stuck, not knowing what to do, when they decide to refinance their home. Sadly, some end up worse than waiting for more than 3 months. If you do decide to refinance your home again, get an expert to help make things easier for you. Their expertise in the matter can definitely prove useful when it comes to fulfilling all the paperwork and the redtape that need to be done.