Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They Don't Make a Cream for That

Don't you hate having to wait an hour or more for a scheduled appointment with your doctor? My sister - AKA Sissy - had to do that this week and woe be to the dermatologist that dealt with her after that.

Sissy was there to get a spot checked on her face. The dermatologist zapped it, checked her out and was done - took about 5 mins. But then, she made a big mistake. The "upsell."

According to Sissy this is what happened (and folks please do not try this at home!)

The dermatologist says to her, "You  know your face is looking bad. We have a laser treatment that would really help or we have a cream that you can use and you'd really begin to see a difference in your skin."

While Sissy is thinking "I only wanted my pre-cancerous spot zapped and no, I don't want your $400 cream." Here's what she actually said.

"I know my face looks bad. I'm 40 years old, I never get enough sleep because I have a baby at home, I work to support my family, and I've just wasted an hour of my day waiting for my scheduled appointment with you. YOU DON'T MAKE A CREAM FOR THAT!!!!"

So true!


Sandcastle Momma said...

I love it! Good for her!!

Island Rider said...

Will she call my dermatolgist and tell her that as well?

Anonymous said...

Put that in your cream jar and stuff it!

Sissy said...

If she traded places with me for a day she would pay me 400 dollars to take the cream.

Anonymous said...

Docs are something else these days, that's for sure.
I took my son to a Med E something or another when he got Cactus Spines embedded in his head, and even though I clearly explained at check in what what we needed, (after taking my $100 co-pay) he refused to treat my child. He said, and I quote, I" Can't Be Bothered to Sit Here for 2 hours and pull those out."