Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Baby Can't Read

Anyone else other than me tired of those "Your Baby Can Read" commercials? Not only do they play constantly on every radio station I listen to, they're ridiculous. Who's buying this product? Is it the same parents who made the Baby Einstein folks rich beyond measure? I think even the Baby Einstein consumers didn't actually believe their babies would start playing Mozart or solving equations because they got parked in front of a video.

I'm here to proclaim that NO, YOUR BABY CANNOT READ!!!!

In addition to this concept being completely asinine, why would you want your baby to read? Is this a sinister component of the Florida FCAT? Are the No Child Left Behind people a sponsor of this ridiculous product?

Every time I hear one of these commercials I feel like screaming "IF YOU READ TO YOUR BABY AND TODDLER, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEIR COGNITIVE ABILITIES!!!"

Whatever happened to reading to your child? Now there's a video and online game for everything. Heck, there's probably even a Your Baby Can Read App. (Gag).

I may not be a perfect mom but I know that spending quality time reading to your child can only help. So why would you spend money on a product that lets someone else do it for you?

NO, your baby cannot read. But YOU can read to your baby!


Sayre said...

Amen, Sister! I read to my son from the time he was tiny. At age 2, he liked to "read" to himself. He was reading pretty well by the time he hit kindergarden and now, at age 12, he reads WAY beyond his age group. He came home one day after they'd done a reading test - they had to read 100 words in a specified amount of time. He was close to 275, nearly triple, (with comprehension).

My baby CAN read, because when he was little, we read to him and made reading a priority in our lives.

Native Mom said...

Sayre, that's what I'm talking about. Everyone is out for a quick fix these days. A video can't take the place of time and attention from parent to child.

Sounds like you've got one smart cookie of a son

Conchscooter said...

Being child free I hesitate to comment on child raising but when I was a boy I was frequently criticized for being a bookworm and reading too much. I guess I just didn't much loike the people I had to live with...

Sandcastle Momma said...

I have a neighbor who bought these tapes and actually believes that her 8 month old can read. She went on and on about how great this program is so one afternoon I asked her to have the baby read to me. She rolled her eyes and said "she can't read out loud yet but she knows what she's reading"
Ok. I think I may have some swampland in Arizona that I could sell her LOL
I guess we're slacker moms in that we actually read to our kids instead of making them do it for themselves.

Native Mom said...

Hey, Sandcastle Momma, does that neighbor baby of yours also read minds?

Sissy said...

I dont know who buys that crap...Oh wait I did! It is 15 minutes of video and word recognition and Lily likes it. That is where she picked up the weird arm movement when you ask her where her arm is and she walks like she has CP. They dont learn to read they learn to memorize...so I have noted.

Native Mom said...

Sissy, I rest my case.