Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Biketoberfest

Today is the first day of Biketoberfest here in the greater Daytona Beach area. For the last few months, I've been working as the official Biketoberfest blogger for the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. It's been a lot of fun. But this weekend, I'll be out just enjoying myself with Beloved, Charming Cousin and the Luvely Lynne.

I have a little game I play to further amuse myself during bike events here. I count how many times I hear Sweet Home Alabama and Mustang Sally. I usually lose count. I think that every band that plays at a bike event has to include those two songs in their playlist . . . .at least once an hour.

This year, I've come up with a new game in which I'm trying to find license plates from all 50 states. Today I came upon Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Ohio. When I saw the Missouri tags today, I had to ask the folks if they rode here or trailered. Of course they trailered but they said this was their 10th time to visit Daytona for a bike event. Gotta love loyal visitors.

Speaking of meeting interesting folks, I got to talk to my favorite bike event food vendors this week. Usually they are too busy to talk but I caught them early in the week. They sell steak tips from the Iron Horse Saloon. It's a family run operation with the father and his 6 daughters whose names all start with the letter A.

I guess they're the "A Team" (groan!). I asked how many pounds of food they serve this week and here's what they told me: 5,000 lbs of sirloin tip, 600 lbs of potatoes and 250 lbs of mushrooms. Looks like I'm not their only foodie fan.

Oh, and since it is October, a lot of people wear costumes to Biketoberfest.

Here's a few more sights from around town this week. Enjoy!

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